IT Products

IT Products



Currently Saptagiri Systems is acting as the authorized dealer for some global leading brands e.g. AMD, Antec, ASUS, Blackmagic Design, Cooler Master, Corsair, Circle, MSI, Sapphire & ZOTAC.

We also offer an array of world renowned brands like Creative, Dell, Gigabyte, G-skill, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Logitech, LG, Microsoft, Razer, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Western Digital to name a few.

Servers, Workstations, Monitors, routers, tablets, laptops, switches, projectors, printers, peripherals. We have it all, over 1,500,000+ products.




Providing robust, reliable effective Networking & Storage solutions allowing higher level of integration and process automation in various industries with maintain high storage capacity and bandwidth flexibility.

Our networking solutions are lucrative enough and can be tailored to suit individual corporate requirements.

Our solutions include:

* Wireless LAN solutions
* IP Telephony
* Network Planning
* Network Security Solutions and VPN
* Configuring Gateway

Audio & Video Solutions

Provides you with the newest AV technology and tools for our pre-built and custom made Podium & Lecterns to help you produce creative and successful meetings, presentations, conferences.

Offers you the highest quality AV without compromising the personal touch customization you want in your conferencing provider.

We carefully plan and execute every detail in respective field from Audio Video to Acoustics to Stage Lighting to Decor so that you get maximum results of your performance.

Security & Surveillance



We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras for enhanced image quality at low bandwidth, optimized storage, coupled with intelligent digital recording and analysis.

Saptagiri Systems brings you integrated solutions to simplify as well as strengthen your video surveillance systems.

The array of cutting-edge products provide an end-to-end support–from cameras and monitors to software for easy integration; collection, analysis and storage of data; all of which contribute to building a powerful and effective security system.

Access Control Solutions


Contactless entry for the post COVID world

Electronic access control security can be proved to be an effective way of controlling access for any small, medium-sized and national businesses. Our systems help to ensure your Campus to be accessed by only Authorized personnel and in monitoring the critical facilities of your business.

Our access control security solutions.
* Stand alone business security systems.
* Hosted systems integrated with multiple card readers.
* Managed security control.
* Visitor management control.


Fire & Life Safety



Nothing has more of an impact than securing the safety of people and protecting company assets. Climatec’s ability to deploy security & life safety systems provides a more efficient approach to managing credentials and property.


* Sprinkler
* Special Hazards
* Portables
* Mass Notifications
* Fire Alarm


* Security & Life Safety Products
* Support & Assistance Services
* Climatec Learning Center
* Remote Managed Services
* Planning Design & Development


Smart Home

Lighting Control

Make the home respond to your need. Saptagiri Systems allows you to create the lighting or scenes based on the mood. Saptagiri Systems provides you Lightings, Weather, Music… that welcomes you, says Good Night, Serene Atmosphere, Rocks you or the one that you need.

Climate & HVAC

Remote monitoring of your climate control system is simple in your daily life, if you go on a vacation, or need to leave unexpectedly. Once your HVAC is integrated into your home automation system, you’ll have instant feedback and control over every zone of your residence.

Audio & Music Systems

Total control of the music for the whole family. You can listen to the music that interests you, whereas the kids and parents can enjoy their Song/Music! Saptagiri Systems provides option for single source music or choice of music that can be played in the selected rooms or the whole house.

Video & Multimedia

The Video or TV Program or a Movie can be enjoyed on a Home Theater System or in a Living Room or Bedroom and you shall have the total control. SmartPhone acting as a universal remote you can have that wonderful experience with control that you always needed.

Water & Garden Control

You can control the temperature and filters on outdoor pools & spas. Your presence as you can turn on the sprinkler system when you are away based on the scheduled time or based on the requirement.

Temperature & Curtain

A/C can adjust the temperature based on the room condition or based on the current weather. Save Energy by automatically closing or opening the curtain & blinds based on hot or cold weather.

What our clients say

Overall, everyone is very pleased with the quality of work from Saptagiri Systems, and I personally am very satisfied with the level of support Saptagiri Systems has provided in this effort! A big thanks again, for all of your efforts..

What impressed me about Saptagiri Systems was you could actually sit down, they wanted to know about your business, they wanted to know how you work, who you service, and then they came back and told us what was available to us. And that was appealing.

About Us

Saptagiri System was founded in the year 2001 by a group of committed IT Professionals. Earlier represented as Sapthagiri Infotech. We remain at the forefront of the marketplace, offering the latest products and service and finding new ways to offer value to our customer.

Saptagiri Systems delivers the full spectrum of industry - leading products along with solutions tailored to best suit your project needs. From Security Surveillance & IT integrated products and services to site infrastructure solutions.


IT Products

Security & Surveillance


Artificial intelligence

Home Automation

Digital Signage

Fiber Optic


  • Server - Desktop - Notebooks
  • CCTV - IP - Switches
  • Access Control - Fire Control
  • Projector - Printer - Firewall
  • Networking - Management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Scenes & Schedules
  • Shades - Home Entertainment
  • Thermostats - Lighting - Locks
  • Digital Signage - Audio - video
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